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Training for Net-Zero

The UK government is strongly pursuing carbon neutrality and has set a target to reach Net Zero by 2050. A segment of this ambitious plan bans fossil fuel-based heating systems and incorporates low carbon systems such as heat pumps into new construction.

Meeting our country’s crucial milestones is a driving force behind Kinectid’s business model, and we’re motivated to play a significant role in achieving the government’s goal of 600,000 heat pump installations by 2028.

Creating a highly skilled workforce

Not only is Kinectid revolutionising the pursuit of carbon neutrality with decarbonising eco-tech tools for homes and business— we’re also developing a highly trained workforce that is capable of getting it done.

Pivoting towards a greener future requires a workforce equipped with novel technological skills, and feasible solutions to repurpose talent from outdated industries. Kinectid is responding to that concern by providing a path towards a sustainable future for the country, economy, and new and existing workers that wish to join the fight against climate change.

Kinectid Academy has the resources to train a new generation of green technology professionals, as well as reskill and retrain valuable workers, like engineers and HVAC system professionals, to enter the new green economy empowered with the skills to continue building meaningful careers.

Kinectid Academy trainees will:

  • Learn new, valuable skills in a growing industry
  • Ensure personal job security in a changing technological environment
  • Play a key role in helping the United Kingdom meet its net zero goals
  • Be on the front lines of creating a sustainable future for the next generation

We’re proactively building the resources to create jobs for the upcoming working generation, and provide new opportunities to the existing labour force.

By empowering the workforce with training in green technology, Kinectid is meeting the needs of the future, now.

Check out Kinectid’s current courses below to learn more.

Air Source Heat Pump Training

A 2-day online course on the fundamentals of heat pumps, conducting heat loss surveys, and designing ASHP systems.

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LCL Course

This course will advise trainees on how to prepare and install, as well as inspect, service, and maintain air source heat pumps for an MCS certified company.

This course is delivered by Optimum Energy Solutions Limited accredited by LCL awards.

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