Renewable energy technology for homes and businesses

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Your home can be a climate crisis solution

Kinectid is revolutionising the response to climate change by empowering businesses and homes to become climate crisis solutions through decarbonisation.

Replacing outdated equipment with low carbon technologies like heat pumps, electric vehicle charge points, solar panels, and energy storage, Kinectid is decarbonising homes and businesses with the power of renewable energy.

Redefining the future with renewable energy

The Kinectid community knows that we can’t solve the climate crisis without smart energy solutions. So, we’re redefining the future of energy. By replacing outdated fossil-fuel dependent technologies with forward thinking, clean solutions for modern, comfortable homes, we’re helping to create a liveable, thriving planet.

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Clean technologies for carbon neutral homes

When you select dependable, clean, fossil fuel-free energy solutions, you’re not just investing in a sustainable global future; you’re investing in your home and family, too. Kinectid has partnered with high-quality renewable technology manufacturers to bring low carbon devices to homes and businesses across the UK. Heat pumps replace gas and oil boilers and are a safer, more efficient way to heat your home. Solar panels and battery storage give you reliable, low carbon energy, lowering your bills and dependency on the grid. Electric vehicle (EV) dedicated charging stations ensure convenience of a full charge for your electric vehicle whenever you’re ready to go.
Kinectid creates an integrated system for your home technology so you can step into the future with innovative solutions to modernise and decarbonise your home.

Safe. Clean. Dependable.

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Renewable energy that’s convenient and costs less

With heat pumps, solar panels, energy storage, and EV charge stations, lowering your energy costs and creating a cleaner future has never been easier or more convenient.

Our Kinectid team is here to support you from consideration to install, advising on the best modern technologies to decarbonise your home. Our supportive team will ease you through the process to select the right low carbon technology for you. We’ll schedule a complete installation by dependable professionals who will guide you on use of your upgraded technology.

It’s completely worry-free and we’re always on your side.

Find out how Kinectid’s decarbonising technology system can improve your home with our easy-to- use configurator.


Kinectid offers planet-centric solutions that work for newer and older homes, for forward-thinking homeowners that want to help build a better world.

Planet-focused; people-run

Kinectid is working to decarbonise homes and businesses. And we believe that we are stronger, better, and more effective together. That’s why we are majority-owned by its employees.

We will never place profit before people and planet and will continue to make decarbonisation of energy easier and more accessible across the UK.

Join us today

Moving forward, together.

The Kinectid community is rapidly growing, with homeowners, businesses and employees who together are helping to reduce our global carbon footprint and end energy poverty for good.

Sound like a mission you’d like to join? Check out our configurator below to find the best renewable technologies for decarbonising your home.


We’re creating the future. Don’t meet us there tomorrow - join us today!

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