Solar panels: your home, powered by the sun

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Solar panels: energy upgrades for modern homes

As a leading cause of global climate change, fossil fuel-dependent technology is rapidly becoming outdated. More families are making the switch to renewable technologies, investing in dependable and innovative solutions designed for efficiency and alignment with a liveable planet.

Decarbonise & modernise your home

If you’re interested in investing in the future while modernising your home, a solar array may be an optimum opportunity.

While other modernising projects may increase property value, few others will also lower your electric bills and your carbon footprint. A solar array turns renewable solar energy into electricity for your home, cutting your electric bill down significantly, reducing your dependency on outdated, carbon-emitting fossil fuels, and increasing your property’s value.

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Beyond renewable energy

Kinectid has partnered with top solar panel manufacturers to ensure quality, dependable panels for your solar array. By installing a Solar Array and Battery Storage at your home, you will enjoy:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Grid independence
  • Energy reliability
  • Potential financial return through excess energy sent to the grid
  • Increased resale value of your property
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • A cleaner future

Invest now for a greener future

Solar installations are a financial investment; however, Kinectid can advise on governmental programs for rebates or subsidies to help fund your initial investment toward cleaner energy.

In addition to rebates, you will see an immediate drop in your energy costs, saving money every month after your install.

Solar arrays also improve the value of your property for resale.

But if you intend to stay in your home, you can expect a return on your investment within 7-10 years. When your panels are paid off and you have a reliable storage system, you may actually begin earning money, by supplying excess energy to the grid.

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Freedom from an increasingly unreliable grid

Grid independence is a driving force for many families to pursue solar power system.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource, and the cost of electricity generated by them is only going to increase. Grid-scale renewable plants (solar and wind farms) are clean, but electricity generation can be sporadic, leading to unpredictability in costs for electricity.

Access to solar energy and storage offer freedom from the grid, averting power outages and rising energy costs, all while doing your part to secure a healthy future for the next generation.

Support, every step of the way

We know an investment like this can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to answer any of your questions and work with you to find an ideal solution for your specific needs.

And our professional team will take care of the hard stuff. We’ll help you determine the best size system for your install and define how much you’ll save by committing to green energy. If it’s a good fit, and as soon as you are comfortable, our professional installation team will take care of the entire process.

All you have to do is commit to green energy, then start saving money (and the planet) right away!

Decarbonisation: hope for the future

Solar is a renewable resource that we can harvest to solve our energy and climate change crisis. By committing to reducing your own carbon footprint in this manner, you support a sustainable future for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Besides global and future benefits, solar is an immediate investment in your home’s value, with the potential to earn you money in the long run.

A carbon-neutral home

A carbon-neutral home doesn’t have to be the home of the future.

Kinectid’s selected heat pumps, EV chargers and solar battery storage options integrate into a system that can decarbonise your home, right now. Our qualified professionals will be happy to show you how.

If you’re ready for a cleaner future, visit our configurator below for a preliminary overview of your home’s potential.

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