Home heat pumps: energy-efficient heating for a modern home

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Home heat pumps: heat your home, not the planet

Most devices used for heating are energy-intensive, so heating your home is likely contributing heavily to your carbon footprint. But there are eco-friendly alternatives. Kinectid works with leading renewable technology manufacturers to provide the highest quality devices for decarbonising your home, including heat pumps. Our selected Heat Pump is a dual purpose, water and air heating system that is energy efficient, uses renewable resources, is more reliable, efficient, safer, and cheaper than outdated oil and gas boilers.

Energy Efficient Heating

The heat pump that Kinectid will install has a 200%-600% energy efficiency rate. That’s because, unlike oil and gas boilers, this renewable energy heat pump does not have to make heat; instead it finds it. It converts air from the ambient environment into a renewable heat source for your home.This highly efficient process steers us away from dependance on fossil fuels and dirty energy, producing clean, dependable, comfort for your home, all year long. At 30% cheaper to operate than a gas boiler, you’ll save money, contribute to a cleaner energy economy, and modernise your home in a single step.


Easy install for nearly any home

This single unit home heat pump is so easily installed, it can retrofit nearly any home or building and won’t disrupt your family’s daily life with construction or digging. This quiet unit can be installed in a matter of hours, and it simply connects with your water hookup and home heating system. With a sleek design, it’s adaptable for install in nearly any location, making energy efficient heating a breeze.

High quality, dependable system

With a lifespan of 15 years, a heat pump is a superior investment and will outlast any fossil-fuel dependent heating system. Limited moving parts, clean operation, and an intuitive design make any maintenance a breeze for technicians. So, if you ever do encounter an issue (much rarer than with gas or oil boilers), you won’t face a waiting list for a highly trained specialist.

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The Kinectid System, which includes this carbon-reducing heat pump, has been engineered to integrate with further renewable energy upgrades, such as solar panels, battery storage, and EV charging stations. So whether you are future-proofing your home all at once, or modernising in stages, Kinectid’s range of leading equipment is compatible for complete integration and convenience.

Heat your home without the carbon emissions

It’s never been easier to upgrade your heating to fight carbon emissions and climate change, lower your energy bills, integrate with modernised technologies for cleaner energy use, and guarantee clean, reliable heat.

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