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We founded Kinectid with a simple mission: the decarbonisation of homes and businesses.

We believe that we’re all responsible for reversing the effects of climate change. And while government policies are essential enablers, the collective action needed to drive change in the real world must come from the private sector.

Enough talk already.

We know what needs to be done. Let’s just get on with doing it.


Delivering the change that’s needed

Kinectid is actively delivering the change that needs to happen. We’re rolling up our sleeves and tackling the challenges of decarbonising the UK’s building stock by replacing fossil fuel heating systems (gas, oil and LPG) with the latest generation of electric heat pumps that don’t require radiator upgrades or replacement hot water cylinders.

To support a future electricity grid powered by renewables, we’re also on a mission to install rooftop solar on as many buildings as possible.

Training for a new generation of green jobs

There are an estimated 30 million homes in the UK that need decarbonising over the next 20 years. That’s a lot of work!

Through the Kinectid Academy, we’re providing training to enable existing HVAC engineers and plumbers to learn the skills they need to install heat pumps and other green technologies.

We’re also providing courses and employment opportunities to attract young people into the sector, which is set for massive growth.

Business done properly

Our founders are an experienced team of business professionals. But with Kinectid, the vision has always been to do business in a different way.

We believe that to meet our national net zero carbon targets, business and commerce must evolve to help build a fair and just society within the free market economy.

That’s why Kinectid is:

A Living Wage employer

We believe everyone deserves good pay for a hard day’s work. Which is why every single person who works for us receives at least the real Living Wage.

Majority employee-owned

We’re turning old ways of doing business on their head and letting all Kinectid employees share in our success equally with an industry-first employee-ownership model.

Fair Salary Balance

We recognise the need to pay a decent market rate for the talent required to scale our business. However, we pledge that no salaries will exceed 8 times the average annual salary of all our employees.


Our funding comes from private investors who truly believe in our mission and our values which means we will never be forced to make unethical decisions.

Supporting our community

We have pledged that 2% of our income will go back to the community, supporting non-profit partners that are working to decarbonise our society.

Working towards B Corp

We believe in the power of business as a force for good and as a pending B Corp, we have started our journey to full B Corp certification, which will hold us to high standards of transparency, ethics and sustainability.

Want to join our rapidly-growing team? Drop us an email at hello@kinectid.eco

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