Our ownership

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Kinectid is majority owned by our employees.

This means our people have a say in how the business is run and benefit from the increase in the business’s value over time.

In practice, employees own at least 50% of Kinectid through a Kinectid Employee Ownership Trust, and through direct ownership of individual shares. The remaining shares are held by the company’s founding team, with a portion set aside for potential future investors.

We’ve chosen an employee-ownership model because we believe in creating a fairer society in which wealth is distributed more equally.


Our leadership

Kinectid’s Board of Directors includes our founders, our executive leadership team and independent advisors.

Andre Cox - Chief Executive & Chief Technology Officer

As an entrepreneur, investor, and CTO in the innovative technology space, Andre brings unique and vast leadership experience to Kinectid. His passion for decarbonisation and his range of expertise will serve to build a solid foundation of high-quality, ethical business practices for Kinectid’s success while driving the UK towards net zero.

Steve Nichol - Chief Operating Officer

Steve’s ambition is to provide the Kinectid community with high quality, expertly trained installers to meet the growing need for energy transition country-wide. As an accomplished operations leader, his talents and leadership will support Kinectid’s growth and service capabilities, ensuring prompt, timely, high-quality service for all our customers.

Helen Sanders - Hiring & Human Resources Director

Helen comes to us with professional high-growth talent acquisition experience and supports us with progressive HR policies that protect people, planet, and profit while adding value to our employee-owned B-Corp.

Alex Theodorou - Chief Marketing Officer & Brand Director

An accomplished branding and creative director, Alex has worked with global brands including Samsung, NOKIA and BlackBerry. Through branding expertise, and a passion to achieve net zero, he’ll bring approachability, openness, and clarity to the energy industry to create a renewable energy business that feels like family.

Clive Archer - Non-Executive Director

With 16 years in the heat pump sector, 3,000 property surveys, and experience designing and managing some of the most complex heat pump projects across the country, Clive brings top-level expertise to Kinectid’s training and install strategy. Under his guidance, Kinectid provides reliable, quality installations to every customer we’re privileged to serve.

Graham Hendra - Non-Executive Director

Kinectid’s link between installers, end-users, developers, and manufacturers, Graham holds the challenging role of advancing our technology and processes to continually improve the Kinectid experience. With 30 years in HVAC and renewables, Graham leads product innovation to improve efficiency and ease throughout this significant energy transition.

Ellie Austin - Board Sustainability Advisor

Ellie comes to us as an experienced sustainability strategy, impact and communications specialist, who’s campaigned for greener homes in the UK. She aims to keep driving Kinectid forward as a leading impact-driven B Corp, that builds trust and credibility with our team, customers and industry partners by achieving its purpose and mission.

Jessica Ferrow - Board Sustainability Advisor

Ensuring we’re always mission-aligned and making the most positive impact we can is why we’ve brought Jessica on board. With a career in purpose-driven businesses, including renewables, and a passion for sustainability, Jessica is a powerhouse of good for keeping our people and planet-centered goals front and centre as we grow our decarbonising family.

Want to learn more? Drop us an email at hello@kinectid.eco.


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