Electric car charging stations: a green statement

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Your EV fleet needs an electric car charging station

Replacing outdated combustion engine vehicles with an electric fleet is an effective way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and exhibit a strong commitment to the environment - but you’ll need an electric car charging station.

Kinectid offers reliable, high quality EV charger stations from leading manufacturers. With dedicated electric car charging stations, you’ll ensure convenient charging for your own fleet, as well as accommodating electric vehicle charging for employees and visitors, too. These EV chargers for off-street parking accommodate all electric vehicles, can be wall-mounted, and are weatherproof, offering installation versatility and usability.

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EV chargers: convenience and quality

The selected EV charge points were designed with the highest of convenience in mind, to ensure ease of use and peace of mind.

  • Accommodates all electric vehicles
  • Weatherproof for outside installation
  • Dedicated onsite charging location for routine and consistency
  • Varying cord lengths to adapt for your specific location
  • Charging setting for automatic shut off
  • Wall-mounted, with a sleek design for accessibility and location adaptability
  • Quick, professional installation, with experts on site to advise and answer questions
  • Integrates into a larger renewable energy system, for even more savings and eco-friendly potential

Setting a green example with electric vehicle charging stations

A dedicated charging station for your fleet and visiting EVs tells your customers, suppliers, investors, and employees that you’re invested in a greener future.

By installing dedicated electric vehicle charge points at your business, you’ll:

  • Secure a positive image for customers, suppliers, and investors
  • Demonstrate innovation and forward-thinking
  • Provide your own electric vehicle fleet with consistent charge points for reliability and convenience
  • Build an employee culture of environmentalism
  • Impact the world beyond your business by supporting employees and visitors driving EVs
  • Raise awareness of your company’s carbon neutrality approach
  • Have a strong, visual commitment to the future
  • Create an opportunity for renewable technology integration with Kinectid

Decarbonising your business

Decarbonising your business doesn’t have to be complicated.

In addition to EV charge stations, Kinectid has heat pumps,solar arrays, and battery storage options from leading manufacturers, creating an integrated renewable energy system for decarbonising your business. Our qualified professionals will be happy to guide you on the best devices for your business’ needs.

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